IoT security

IoT Security In Smart Cities

We live in a world where everything is the marvel of modern technology, your fridge can order groceries, your thermostat talks to your smartphone, and your car practically drives itself. But, hold on, these are no ordinary fridges, thermostats, or cars – they’re part of the Internet of Things (IoT), a web of interconnected devices […]

Samruddhi Jadhav 
Healthcare Apps

Healthcare Apps and Mobile Technology: Empowering Patients and Promoting Wellness

This is an era driven by technological advancements; healthcare apps and mobile technology have emerged as powerful tools in the realm of healthcare, transforming the way patients access medical information, monitor their health, and promote overall wellness. These digital developments are revolutionizing the healthcare industry, empowering people to take control of their well-being like never […]

Samruddhi Jadhav